iManage Partner Conference (May 2016) Recap

I recently attended the iManage Partner Conference in Chicago, and I admit I expected to hear the same thing that I have heard year after year. I came with the notion that this is the same old iManage. After supporting law firms and document management systems for over 16 years, I thought that I had seen it all.

The iManage that I had come to know was one that needed expensive in house servers that could only afford to cater to high end law firms. It is also the company that changes its name more often than I change my socks. (FileSite to Autonomy to Worksite, and finally iManage). For other law firm veterans, we remember when it was bought out by HP, and we watched as its customer service and technical support fell short. Unfortunately, this was the company that used to be the industry leader in Document Management Systems (DMS) and its well-known and admired reputation was quickly falling.

However, whatever you thought of iManage in the past may have changed significantly. How so? First, the company separated itself from HP. It is now 75% employee owned and within 10 months of separating themselves, and they seem to have gone back to their roots. iManage has put less of an emphasis their bottom line and instead have invested in people. Their new mission statement is simple – respect. Respect for their costumers and respect for fellow employees. They have appeared to take their mission statement to heart and it is clear from their presentations that this is their new mantra.

So what about their product? If you have an older version of iManage, we would strongly suggest upgrading to the latest version. With version 9.3, there are over 20 usability enhancements and later this year, they will release version 10. They are anticipating this version to be an industry game changer, and we are hopeful that this version will provide solutions for customers who have struggled with previous versions. iManage now has two data centers for a cloud solution, eliminating the need for you to hold onto your current servers, or purchase them if you were looking for a Document Management System. All of their data is encrypted and replicated to both data centers in the US and they have taken the time to meet numerous security requirements, including becoming HIPAA compliant.

iManage is continuing to introduce new and exciting product lines to stay on top of an ever evolving industry. And, we are hopeful that iManage has turned a corner and is on the path that will provide more than just adequate document management solutions for law firms and other businesses.

— D.Williams, Hilltop Consultants, Inc.

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