Trade Association Disaster Recovery

Once again, I was very impressed with our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution this weekend. A national trade association which uses this solution had a corrupt operating system on one of the servers used for their association management system (AMS) this weekend. Once we determined that the server hardware was not the problem, and that the operating system would need to be reinstalled, we decided to use the BDR to restore service and the server itself.

The on call tech for this weekend had never restored a server using this vendors solution, so he relied on the vendors tech support to walk him through the process.

The restoration process ran exactly as advertised. Many things went right during this recovery, but here are the highlights.

  • Vendor tech support responded to the emergency email we sent them in less than 3 minutes, on a Sunday.
  • The virtual server mounted in one minute.
  • The bare metal recovery of the server from the backup image ran perfectly.

Backup and Disaster Recovery is offered with all managed service agreements offered by Hilltop. If your trade association, law firm, or lobbying firm needs to have the ability to recover from this type of server crash, you need a backup and disaster recovery system. If you are not sure that your current backup system is as easy and trouble free as what I have described, contact Hilltop for a free assessment of your current backup solution.