Reasons to Implement Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery with IT Support in Washington DC

Most organizations have disaster recovery procedures in place. However, few have disaster recovery as a cloud entry point. This will ensure that your staff and clients can access critically-important information regardless of unfortunate events. As long as the continuity and disaster recovery plan is not dependent on hardware or tape-based, it will not take up too much time or resources. Here are the top reasons to rely on IT support in Washington DC for the implementation of disaster recovery for an entry point to the cloud.

Avoid Downtime

The cost of downtime is crippling. Nearly one-quarter of all businesses endure a failure of some sort in any year. Over three-quarters of these companies go out of business in a year's time. The total cost of IT downtime exceeds $26 million per year.

Customers Deserve Protection

Network downtime will cause current customers to lose faith and disillusion prospective customers. Your system should be readily available to customers throughout the year. Otherwise, you will lose business.

This is the On-Demand Era

Clients demand information and access at all times. If your network is not available, you will inevitably lose business. Do not let a disaster compromise your relationship with valued clients. Your website and client data should be accessible at all times, regardless of outside circumstances.

Protect Your Brand

You have gone to great lengths to your brand. Protect it with a disaster recovery entry point through the cloud and you will not endure excessive downtime that harms your company's reputation. Don't take any chances with what you have worked so hard to establish.

Machines Aren't Perfect

Even the most expensive machines have the propensity to malfunction. Ask any IT professional about hardware failure and he will testify it is inevitable.

It Might Be Required By Compliance and Regulations

Disaster recovery reports and entry points are often mandated by compliance and regulations standards. Disaster recovery also serves to protect information as required by HIPAA regulations.

No One Can Predict the Future

It is impossible to predict what type of data will be lost and its value to the company. A major loss could put you out of business.

It Saves Money

If an emergency occurs and your business does not have multiple servers, sites, and other backup measures in place, you could lose your digital footprint. Add virtual machines that recover data and you just might save a nice bundle of money.

Mother Nature Does Not Discriminate

Natural disasters have the potential to strike anywhere and anytime. From tornadoes to floods, hurricanes and fires, all sorts of disasters can disrupt your business if you do not team up with an accomplished IT support partner Washington DC.

Mistakes are Inevitable

The vast majority of unplanned outages are the result of poorly planned alterations made by administrators. A misconfiguration can result in availability issues.


Ally with the IT Experts

At Hilltop Consultants, we understand the nuances of the cloud and disaster recovery procedures. We can help you plan for the worst, safeguard your data, and keep your clients happy. In the end, the assistance of our team might make the difference between losing data (and clients) and a speedy bounce-back following a disaster.

For more information, contact us today and let us discuss how our IT support in Washington DC can help your business.