Backup Internet Connections

Does your office have a backup internet connection? If not, what are you waiting for?

Having a backup internet connection is a no-brainer for any business that is dependent on email or internet access. Even if you have a long-term commitment with Verizon or another ISP, you should have a low-cost cable connection installed.

Hilltop always recommends a backup connection. If you have a backup connection and the right kind of firewall, your business will not be interrupted if your primary connection goes down. As more and more businesses put their email, data, and applications on the cloud, a second internet connection is going to be absolutely necessary.

Comcast is about to install a 100mbps connection for one of our clients. This client had a 10mbps connection that went down for 23 hours last Saturday. Their users are going to be so happy about the new speed. I am just going to be happy that I don't have to call an ISP 15 times over a 23-hour period to find out when my client is going to be able to get back online!

If you are interested in adding a backup Internet connection for your office, let us know. We will find out what services are available in your building and coordinate the installation of the connection with the proper configuration of your firewall.