Beyond IT

Our clients are diverse and span across many different types of industries, with each client experiencing their own unique business challenges.

While the majority of our focus is on the SME market, Hilltop supports dozens of large enterprises. However, the "size" of an organization does not necessary define its status of enterprise. Due to the power of today's available technologies such as the cloud, we have many clients that are in fact small businesses (in terms of number of employees) that boast revenues of several hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. Essentially, any small business can "think" and "behave" as an enterprise.

These clients often have needs that extend beyond our core Managed IT Services offerings, which demand a higher-level of technology expertise, strategic insights and leadership from our relationship.

Hilltop's Enterprise Services team has certified IT strategists, technologists and business consultants that can assist you with navigating areas such as:

  • New technology adoption and rollout
  • How to obtain greater operational efficiency
  • How to leverage technology to mine data to provide powerful business intelligence to employees, clients and partners
  • How to leverage technology to gain traction and distance against fierce marketplace competition

Hilltop Enterprise Services can assist in many of the below areas (not limited to):

Business Consulting

  • Business Intelligence
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Process Improvement
  • Change Management & Communications
  • Project Management

Enterprise Cloud

  • Advanced Cloud Computing Environments
  • Enterprise Website Hosting

Programming & Development

  • Custom Technology Integrations (API's, etc.)
  • Custom Software Programming / Program Modifications
  • Portal/Intranet Design (Portals, Sharepoint, etc.)