Proofpoint Partner

Hilltop Consultants is proud to announce its partnership with Proofpoint to provide our clients with the highest level e-mail security. Proofpoint will allow us to stay ahead of today's attackers with an innovative approach that detects, analyzes, and blocks advanced threats before they reach our clients inbox.

Proofpoint stops threats quickly and accurately while applying a multi-stage analysis to inspect the full attack chain. Proofpoint uses a combination of static and dynamic techniques to catch even the most advanced threats. This technology doesn't just detect threats—it also learns from them by observing the patterns, behaviors, and tradecraft used in each attack.

Features and benefits Proofpoint e-mail security:

  • Security
  • Search and eDiscovery
  • Zero Hour Outbreak
  • URL Defense
  • Continuity
  • Emergency Inbox
  • Email Spooling
  • Archiving
  • Anti-Virus
  • Spam Filtering
  • Reporting
  • Outbound Filtering
  • Content Filtering
  • Attachment Defense
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Email Encryption

Get in touch with a Hilltop security consultant to keep your e-mails secure and prevent threats from reaching your inbox.

Need a Proofpoint security solutions partner in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta, or Philadelphia? Contact one of our Proofpoint security solutions specialists today: 1 (877) 365 8324.