How to Establish a Rapport With Your Managed IT Services Washington DC Partner

The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) you select will go a long way in determining the efficiency of your operations. Your top priority is to establish a rock-solid alliance with a trustworthy partner, and this will take some time and experimentation. You can get some valuable insights from Stephen Covey's hit book, The Speed of Trust. The principles outlined in this book are applicable to your search and ensuing relationship with an MSSP. The book's theme revolves around the notion of trust being earned rather than provided to anyone. Here is the dynamic of trust between your company and your managed IT services Washington DC partner:

The Issue of Trust

If you are hesitant to place your trust in an MSSP, you are not alone. Your data is highly sensitive, and inviting an MSSP to handle this information is inherently risky. Your MSSP requires access to all information and traffic on your network, otherwise, this threat-monitoring service will not prove effective. However, MSSPs do not look at every single bit of data--- they examine system and security logs to do their job. Still, monitoring devices allow access to all of information on the network. If your MSSP improperly accesses data or shares such information with others, they could ruin your business. Partner with an MSSP that adheres to a series of specific access rules and you will not have to worry about improper data access.

At Hilltop Consultants, you can trust us because we have a track record of success. Our clients have entrusted us with their sensitive data for over a decade. Our technical expertise is reliable and tailored to your specific business objectives. We go to great lengths to safeguard client data. From IT audits to third-party due diligence, 24x7x365 network support, disaster recovery services and data backup, we cover all the bases to protect your data.

Our Total Security Audit is especially beneficial, as it makes use of nuanced testing and assessments that pinpoint weaknesses within a particular business environment. The idiosyncratic security risks of your business are considered in-depth so the audit can generate helpful recommendations that empower you to take the proper steps to safeguard your information. Our audit includes everything — from data encryption services to security risk assessments, electronic security and authentication access control systems auditing and business continuity/crisis management planning.

Take it Slow

Take your time when evaluating the performance of a potential managed IT services Washington DC provider. Begin with minimal engagement to establish a rapport. Consider starting out with a single service project like a penetration test or assessment of your organization's vulnerabilities. Familiarize yourself with the provider’s methods and equipment so you can determine if there is potential for a long-lasting professional relationship.

At Hilltop, you will find that our tech team is as organized as it gets. We have a thorough intake process along with a tiered IT management service package. You are empowered to select the level of IT management services that suit your business needs. Even if you do not want to commit to a specific IT service plan, we are still willing to solve your IT challenges as needed.

Perform an Audit

An audit allows you to ensure that the provider uses elite controls. If you find your organization's controls are better than those of your service provider, move on to the next candidate. Your audit should check the merit of the provider's data access controls, SOC procedures/operations, business continuity/redundancy plans, physical access procedures/controls and the security clearance credentials of SOC professionals who have data access privileges.

Implement a Common Incident Response Course of Action

It is in your interest to sync up your incident response plans with those of your MSSP. The plan can be developed in unison with the provider. Alternatively, you can create your own to boost the one supplied by the provider.

Consult With an Outside Source

Have an unbiased third party analyze your security operations. This independent analysis helps gauge the merit of your MSSP, as well as your internal safeguards. You might be surprised to find a couple of shortcomings, possibly from new applications or upgrades.


At Hilltop Consultants, Inc., our managed IT services Washington DC team has what it takes to enhance your business's security and productivity. We are here for your IT emergencies, tech-related challenges, and data theft prevention efforts.

If you are interested, contact us today and let us discuss how we can help your business.